We are looking for a sincere & dedicated candidate having passion on photography. Commercial photographers need excellent creative abilities, as well as good eyesight and the ability to translate the images see with your eyes to one captured by the camera. These workers must not just be good with a camera, but also have in depth knowledge about lighting conditions. Commercial photographers  scheduling the right time to take a photo so it presents the subject in the best light is vital. Desire experience should be more than 5 years, candidate should have specialized in digital photography and good knowledge of computer, Composition, Lighting, Theme, Creative work and Photoshop tools.

    1. 1. Be creative, with a good eye for a picture.
  1. 2. Have excellent technical and photographic skills.
  2. 3. Have good communication and people skills.
  3. 4. Have good IT skills, especially with computer programs such as Photoshop.
  4. 5. Be commercially aware and good at marketing themselves.


Responsible to: Editor in Chief 
External Relationships: Elite personal photography service to capture the moments of your trip
Internal Relationships: Make Your Precious Moment Alive
Salary: Compensation based on Experience
Hours:  Negotiable
Location:  Mumbai

Experience: Minimum 5 years


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