Main Object of the Company

To carry on the Business as producers, distributors, importers, exporters, exhibitors of cinematography films and to manufacture or acquire, provide, secure, arrange or deal in firms and photographic, sound recording, musical, lighting appliance, instruments, equipment and machines and to act as dealers, importers, exporters of musical instruments and records, tapes, cinema and film projectors and cameras, wigs and other products or materials related or to acquire exclusive or limited rights to any play story, script, musical songs and lyrics, book, article or any technique by producing, purchasing or otherwise acquiring and to exercise, develop or exploit or turn to account such rights for the business of the company and to act as sponsor, agent for training, retaining, arranging and supplying artists, stars, art directors script or story writers, technicians extras and other personnel required by the company or others for film, cinema or show business and to manage the events, exhibitions, stage shows etc. 

Various activity of News Agency/ Buying and Selling news and various function of Image Bank, Stock Images/ Contemporary Images buying and selling.

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