Napol Motion Pictures

A new wing of film production based in Mumbai, India Napol Motion Pictures was founded in 2009 and ever since, the company has been on a balanced growth curve in the specialty of motion picture production. Napol Entertainment Private Limited has divided into other domains of production as well, and currently parents Film Production under Napol Motion Pictures and image content portal Napol Stock Image.

Napol Entertainment Private Limited is attractively poised in this scenario. Its integrated approach, corporative structure, strong balance sheet and a professional, capable team are catalysts to a higher than average growth in the future. This will not only lead to the creation of one of the most respected companies in the industry from India, but also to create lasting content with progressively enhancing value. With a clear focus on high entertainment value, Napol Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. integrates the value chain in the commercial motion picture production and stock image segment.

The Indian entertainment industry and the film production industry in particular, are at the threshold of tremendous growth. For industry participants to extract value from this growth, it will be imperative to adopt globally relevant structures of doing business, becoming efficient and cost effective.

Napol Motion Pictures division is the pioneering corporate structure in the tinsel town. With a clear focus on high entertainment value, it integrates the value chain in the commercial Film Production segment. Film production is estimated to be worth billions of dollars in the near future by the entry of International production houses. Previously effective motion pictures showcasing reality did not lure the audiences because of the low-budget book and promotion.

Napol Motion Pictures division believes everything is possible with right mindset; the story which has been created is compelling enough for actors to desire a chance to be in the film. And for the most part, talented and creative actors like working on challenging projects and they don't care what the conditions are. The company is talking about gifted star cast who want to work in an demanding project.

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