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Napol Stock Image was founded in Mumbai, India, in the year of 2010 and quickly grew into one of the leading Indian stock image communities. Napol Stock Image is a fully owned subsidiary of Napol Entertainment Private Limited, which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Napol Stock Image Provides Creative Professionals all over the World with an Imperative resource for searching, purchasing and downloading Indian images.

Napol Stock Image is a digital media library that offers a wide variety of budget-friendly Commercial and Editorial images include Clipart, Vectors and Illustrations. Napol Stock Image now ranks as the leading image content provider.

Our portfolios of images have been stocked since 1976. At present, our professional archive size shows up to 900000 images, still growing including high-end quality Clipart, Illustration and Vectors. At present, over 3300 clients in more than 15 countries are downloading the images from Napol Stock Image for their Newspaper, Magazine, Web Development, NGOs, Advertising, Marketing Communication, Educational Institute and Designer.

We have a list of “A” grade photographer’s that contribute towards the pool of contemporary and stock images. The company is having a fully fledged state of art studio for Indoor & Outdoor photography and high-end equipments for any kind of Industrial & Commercial photography assignments.


Napol Stock Image is a Portal collectively led by renowned photographer Jayanta Narayan Saha which also includes contributions from creative passionate photographers.

The founder of Napol Stock Image, Jayanta Narayan Saha, says “We are proud to create a Portal keeping quick business in mind, never before in the History of Image Portal in India, under single Umbrella, find all the image resources catered to various segments”. Within 2015, Napol shall be a catalyst in every venture of visual communications in India through Images, Illustrations, Clipart and Vectors.

According to Google research on Indian traditional stock licensing image industry, World has a potential business worth of $2.9 billion.


Our Contributors are our biggest asset, and we treat them as Napol Family Members. 

Submitting content couldn't be easier, as we literally have the fastest submission system available. You can submit directly by using FTP. There are no limits, so you can submit as many files as you'd like. We automatically read keyword information, don't require categories, but we require photo caption and store Model Releases for easy tagging. With a few simple clicks you can submit hundreds of images at once, without entering any additional information. Our approvals are super fast, so your files will normally be approved the same day for sale!

Napolstockimage may accept or reject any images submitted to it in its sole and absolute discretion. An image will become an accepted image when napolstockimage notifies the Contributor that it has been accepted into napolstockimage files. napolstockimage shall return unselected images within one month’s time after selection. Contributor acknowledges that over time some of the accepted images may become dated or found not be marketable. In this event, napolstockimage has the sole right to determine when any accepted image is not marketable, and shall return the image to the Contributor or destroy the file containing the image, as napolstockimage may deem fit.

Contributor agrees not to supply to any Third Party any image that is a duplicate or Similar to any Contributor’s accepted images. Contributor shall provide valid Property or Model Releases for all accepted images depicting recognizable People, Private Property, or as required by napolstockimage.

Contributor should provide us Bank Account Number, IFSC Code Number, Swift Code Number from yourself so that 50% share money can be transferred to your account through RTGS/NEFT.

Napol Stock Image portal has taken outmost care to transfer share money in your account with the 10 day from the day, sale of image is transacted. The portal also made system and transparency on your account DASEBOARD of contributors. Contributors can see the status of full accountability from any wear. Napol will provide UID & Password.

“Lifetime”; refers to Images and Photographs ownership rights and copyrights rests with NEPL which shall decide on the use of Images/Transfer/Sell/Grant permission lifetime. 

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