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Who buys photos from Napolmobilephoto?

Anyone can use the Napolmobilephoto service for finding the photos they need. In addition to individuals, several major media companies utilize Napolmobilephoto for sourcing photos used for reporting news, for example. New individuals, media companies and publications sign up continuously to use the service.

Can I sell my photos to several buyers?

Yes. Several buyers can buy your photo.

How does Napolmobilephoto benefit from all this?

Napolmobilephoto adds a fixed commission to each photo in NapolGallery. This means that media companies pay a little more than the price defined by the photographer.

Journalists Using Napolmobilephoto full potential 

Can I commission exactly the photos I need?

Yes. If the wide selection of fresh Napolmobilephoto does not provide the content you need, you can create a NapolGallery and commission just the photos you want, from a specific geographical area, if desired. NapolGallery are either instant or long-term photography assignments sent to all Napolmobilephoto mobile shooters within a specific geographical area. Only the NapolGallery creator can view and purchase content sent to a specific NapolGallery. In addition to enabling instant acquisition of specific photos, NapolGallery are great for engaging the publications audience over a period of time, for example during a slow holiday season.

Can I find content from a specific city district?

Yes. You can define your search to target a detailed map location.
The efficient search tools allow you to combine various search criteria. For example, you can search for photos in a specific category shot in a specific geographical area. To top things off, you can save the search and subscribe future search hits directly to your email.

Can I monitor the content stream automatically?

Yes. You can use the Napolmobilephoto search tools to define a set of search criteria. Then you simply save the search and subscribe future search hits directly to your email. This keeps you up-to-date with emerging news and new developments.

How can I be sure that Napolmobilephoto photos are authentic?

Each Napolmobilephoto includes the information recorded by the camera, such as time and location. This information, along with a map presenting the photo location, is visible in Napolmobilephoto NapolGallery. The source of Napolmobilephoto can be verified. Photos taken with the Napolmobilephoto mobile application include details of the source.

Have Napolmobilephoto photos been classified or categorized?

Yes. Napolmobilephoto news content has been classified according to the international IPTC classification model. In addition, the photos include key words and exact location information. All these can be combined and used as search criteria.


Who owns the rights to Napolmobilephoto photos?

Napolmobilephoto respects the original photographer rights. When the photographer sends a photo to Napolmobilephoto, he or she gives Napolmobilephoto the right to use it in the Napolmobilephoto service.
If the photo is bought, Napolmobilephoto gets exclusive rights for copyright transfer. Napolmobilephoto will then transfer the publishing rights to the buyer according to the license terms.

Who owns the rights to the photos I have purchased?

When the photo is purchased, Napolmobilephoto gets exclusive rights for a set period of time for copyright transfer. Napolmobilephoto, in turn, will then transfer the publishing rights to the buyer according to the license terms. As a media company, you have exclusive rights for any purchased NapolGallery photos.

Will the photographers be compensated properly?

Earnings for sold photos are credited into Napolmobilephoto mobile shooters personal Napolmobilephoto accounts. Napolmobilephoto mobile shooters can then cash out their earnings to their bank accounts.

Napolmobilephoto - NapolGallery Registration 

What does Napolmobilephoto cost? Can I try out the service for free?

Both Napolmobilephoto registration and the subsequent use of the service are free of charge. You only pay for the photos you purchase. You can add balance to your Napolmobilephoto account for purchasing photos. You can start out with Napolmobilephoto with a 48-hour trial. During the trial, you can browse the Napolmobilephoto photo stream and try out all Napolmobilephoto features.

Why should I Register for Napolmobilephoto - NapolGallery?

After registering for Napolmobilephoto - NapolGallery, you can use all Napolmobilephoto features. You can browse the Napolmobilephoto photo stream, purchase news photos and create tasks. Journalists in your publication can immediately purchase and publish hot news photos. NapolGallery allow you to commission exactly the photos you need from local Napolmobilephoto shooters all over the world. Note that both Napolmobilephoto registration and the subsequent use of the service are free of charge. You can start out with Napolmobilephoto with a 48-hour trial. During the trial, you can browse the Napolmobilephoto photo stream and try out all Napolmobilephoto features.

Do all my Colleagues have to Register Individually? 

No. Only the first Napolmobilephoto - NapolGallery user has to complete the registration. The first registered user can then invite other journalists to join the existing publication in Napolmobilephoto - NapolGallery. Napolmobilephoto provides a flexible way to manage user account rights. For example, you can select which journalists in your publication are allowed to purchase photos with the publications balance.

Real Life Hot Shot Photos, Shot by Mobile Photographers around the world

Earn some bucks by shooting photos of you or your friends using a Smartphone camera. Shoot a variety of images including, Creative, Close ups, them shoot, People oriented life style and Natures shots. The very best will be used for Napolmobilephoto promotions and ads. On the Selected Photo and with price tack you will earn INR 50:50 for every photo we select so keep them for good luck. 


We want to make unique and authentic photography available to everyone!

Use NapolGallery to crowd source unique and authentic photos from a crowd of Mobile photographers across the globe! 

Photos on demand is the way forward

NapolGallery can be used to request and share photos, interact with other photographers, to showcase an event, to run photo campaigns or competitions or to involve the crowd in creating content for a blog or an article it's up to you!

Inspire and be inspired

Connect with the Napolmobilephoto community and get unique photos to share with the world! Inspire the community with fun and creative NapolGallery and they will amaze you with their creativity.

Reward the photographers by buying the best shots! 

Run with it! 

Individuals, bloggers and companies alike can benefit from NapolGallery by using their imagination. Photos of morning Coffee, Special Mugs, Favorite T-shirt, outfit of the day, precious cars or predicting the score of a Cricket Match anything can be made into a NapolGallery. You can do it and have fun with it!

Engage and interact with people through photography


Our goal is to help you earn money with your Mobile Photos and make it fun! 

NapolGallery is a service for selling, viewing and sharing Mobile Photography

Connect with other photographers across the globe through NapolGallery and see the world through their lens. Check your Apps or the Napolmobilephoto website for NapolGallery in your location and participate to NapolGallery that inspire you. Use your imagination to create amazing mobile images best photos clicks the reward.

If it's worth publishing, it's worth Money! 

If you witness something unusual that might be newsworthy send it to Napolmobilephoto! With the Napolmobilephoto Apps you can share your photos with your friends and get rewarded for great shots.

Download the free Apps

The application is free and it is available for iOS and Android phone application. Install the Apps and start CLICK!


10 steps to become a Better photographer! 

Improve your Mobile photography skills with these 10 tips, shared exclusively to Napolmobilephoto by the world's top selling stock photographer Jayanta Narayan Saha! Great photos do not need top of the line equipment; fantastic images can be taken with any camera or Smartphone.

1. A Moment of Silence

Hold your camera still to get the sharpest image possible. Sounds simple, right? The photo might look good on the camera's screen but close-ups can still be blurry. Students in photography schools often spend hours of practicing how to hold the camera perfectly still. For that moment, just before you take the shot; make it a personal challenge to hold completely still.

2. A Great Photo is a Story

Shoot as many photos as possible. Many new photographers shoot too few images. Professionals, however, shoot like a maniac when the right moment comes. A great photo tells a story. Most photographers use digital cameras so that unsuccessful photos can be deleted later. Before deleting, it can be beneficial to learn what went wrong with the unsuccessful ones. Remember this technique to overshoot much more, maybe even five times as much. Just keep clicking away. Click, Click, Click! 

3. Predict the Future

what will happen in the next 30 seconds? If you ask yourself, you probably know the answer. Most situations give off clues to what is just about to happen. Great press photographers have a great instinct. Train your instinct, read body language, pick up signs from the environment, step back and observe. Have your camera ready and be prepared. Think. 

4. Stay Longer

Many inexperienced press photographers miss the golden moment because they leave too early. Stay in the zone. Many of the best photography moments happen after the main event, after the event or during breaks.

5. Don't Focus on the Obvious

The best shots are often not of the event itself, but of the effects of the event. The tears, the smiles, the hands, the feeling. Take a few photos of the cheering crowd to capture the atmosphere. Almost any story will have at least one image showing the "effect" and not the event itself. 

6. Say "It's OK, I'm a Photographer"

My favorite phrases. My staff gave me a T-Shirt with this quote. Say it all the time. Just try it. Say it. The world will turn in your favor and it might give you the slot needed to take the photo. It might give access to places that would normally be out of reach. With the phrase, you can get away with climbing to the signaling poles of a cruise ship and get those 2 minutes you need before security pulls you down. True story.

7. Try Different Angles

One thing that characterizes a beginner more than anything is that all images are shot at "a comfortable height". Crouch down to take shots. Photos taken from a low angle make the object look taller or longer. Look up or even climb up if you want to make objects look smaller. Use different angles to get the most interesting photos.

8. Stop the Smiles

Since birth we have been taught to smile to cameras. People simply smile just when they see a camera. They will sometimes smile even in emergency situations. Know this, and stop it. Tell people to look like they feel. How they actually feel - that is the shot you want! 

9. Look Closely

You are close enough when the only thing you see from the screen or viewfinder is your subject. There is a reason that many excellent photographers are eccentric, weird and say strange things. They have one thing in common; they are keen observers of the world. They see the details we tend to overlook. Today, look around and re-explore the word. Enlightened, Eager, Curious. Get closer. What do you see?

10. Photography is not a Hobby

It might take a lot of time and many mistakes to become a successful photographer. Learn from mistakes and practice a lot. When I started in stock photography, the earnings were crazy low. But as stock photography evolved, today I am the highest earning photographer in the world. Napolmobilephoto is the birth of a new online marketplace, do the work. Take it seriously now; it might give you your dream job later. It all starts here! 

Less than 42 years ago, Jayanta Narayan Saha was a student at Calcutta University trying to earn a few extra bucks. Today he is a Micro stock millionaire and an awarded photographer so take advantage or his tips! Take plenty of photos, try, fail, succeed, have fun and learn how to take the best shots. It is all about practice, practice and practice!

Our free Napolmobilephoto application makes anyone with a Smartphone a Potential News Photographer. 

Get access to 500000 Mobile Photographers

Napolmobilephoto is a crowd sourcing service for eyewitness photos. Get access to a global pool of mobile photographers eager to create the unique visual content you need. Use the power of the crowd to get unique, relevant and authentic content.

From Concept to Content in a Matter of Minutes

Turn your ideas into photos with location based Mobile Photography, NapolGallery. With NapolGallery, you can activate and engage your readers and get unique content instantly.

Engage your Audience!

According to a study by Metro Panel, almost half of the readers would like to see Newspapers publish more User Generated Content (UGC). Furthermore, 75% of readers would like the media to hold more photography assignments and competitions illustrating that UGC can truly add value and increase reader engagement.

Minimize the Risks Associated with UGC

Napolmobilephoto's patent pending technology assesses image authenticity quickly and easily. This minimizes potentially costly risks associated with publishing altered or stolen photos. The cutting edge authentication process also enhances content creation efforts as opposed to costly, redundant image inspection.

Purchase and Publish Instantly

Search, find and easily buy unique eyewitness images globally from the NapolGallery. Napolmobilephoto care of copyright transfer and photographer compensation.

Media Subscription

With the Media Subscription you gain access to all NapolGallery Features, Designed to meet the needs of modern news media companies. Browse NapolGallery eyewitness photo stream, purchase authenticated news photos easily with Store. 

Ideas into Photos!

With access to Mobile Photographers around the world, brands can now source photography in minutes for use in marketing collateral. Create branded photography assignments to engage consumers and strengthen awareness, while resulting photos can be used for marketing purposes.

"A picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

This old adage has never been more true with the rise of content marketing and brand journalism. Why not involve consumers with the content creation process and in result make them feel like a part of your brand! Use the power of the crowd and engage consumers on a whole new level.

Engagement through Photography

The photography assignments encourage involvement and interaction between the consumer and the brand in a non invasive way, leaving the creativity and the end result, the photo, up to the consumer. Do targeted and branded photography assignments, NapolGallery, to engage consumers and strengthen your brand awareness without having to worry about photo rights. The time spent with completing the brand assignment can dramatically enhance the brands top of mind position.


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