Picture researchers find suitable pictures for use in a wide range of media products including Advertisements, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Catalogues, Television programmers etc.It is essential to have excellent picture knowledge and photographic experience. Relevant work experience is normally essential. 

Job description

      1. 1. Negotiating terms and conditions of contracts
  1. 2. Establishing time scales and budgets
  2. 3. Determining project requirements
  3. 4. Liaising closely with clients
  4. 5. Undertaking relevant research
  5. 6. Sourcing appropriate pictures and images for assigned projects
  6. 7. Exploring all picture sources including online image banks and stock photo libraries
  7. 8. Deciding when to use existing images or to commission a photographer
  8. 9. Negotiating fair prices for pictures
  9. 10. Handling images with care and protecting them from loss or damage
  10. 11. Building computer archives of images
  11. 12. Keeping accurate records of pictures
  12. 13. Obtaining correct caption and credit information
  13. 14. Using specialist software for editing and manipulating images
  14. 15. Working with other professionals including writers, reporters, graphic designers and editors
  15. 16. Keeping up to date with rules and regulations governing the use of images.


Responsible to: Editor in Chief 
External Relationships: Clearing and negotiating rights of the reproduction of images.
Internal Relationships: Analyzing and managing images of every format, including digital files, transparencies, prints, and illustrations, for defects, both technical and aesthetic.
Salary: Compensation based on Experience
Hours:  Negotiable
Location:  Mumbai

Experience: Minimum 5 years


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